Chihuahua Love

I thought this design was cute and clever – certainly a t-shirt any admirer of the chihuahua breed will want! T-shirt comes in many styles, sizes and colors, making it the perfect gift for chihuahua owners or breeders.

Chihuahua Luv T-Shirt from Zazzle.com_1250666839270


Holy Siamese

Siamese cats aren’t always angels, but their owners like to think they are, even when they misbehave! 🙂 This t-shirt featuring a stylized Siamese with angel wings and a halo looks great on black, but comes in other colors, styles and sizes, too. Super gift for Siamese owner or breeder!

holy kitty t-shirt from Zazzle.com_1250496644050

German Shepherd

Loyal and obedient, German Shepherds have many devoted fans. This t-shirt with it’s comical cartoon German Shepherd from Menagerie Mayhem makes a fabulous gift for a German Shepherd owner or breeder. Comes in many styles, sizes and colors, but I think it looks dazzling on black.

I Love my German Shepherd Dark TShirt from Zazzle.com_1250405881408

Ragdolls Rule

The Ragdoll is an affectionate and very relaxed breed of cats that are very popular. Tell the world that “Ragdolls Rule” with this rainbow colored design on a t-shirt from My Favorite Cat, which comes in many styles, sizes and colors. Great gift for Ragdoll breeder or owner!

Ragdolls Rule T-shirt from Zazzle.com_1250235847047


West Highland White Terriers (Westies) are sweet little dogs – real pups with personality! This humorous t-shirt designed by An Ad Guy reflects the Westie’s friendly nature, and comes in many styles, sizes and colors. Perfect gift for a Westie owner or breeder, or anyone who’s a fan of the breed.

Westie (...wag, wag, wag...) T-shirt from Zazzle.com_1250060394570

The Burmese cat is a vocal and loving breed. This t-shirt design depicting a lounging Burmese with a cleverly designed reflection comes in many sizes, styles and colors. Makes a great gift for Burmese owner or breeder!

Burmese Reflection T-shirt from Zazzle.com_1249976737409

M is for Manx

The Manx cat breed is special because of its distinguishing characteristic – the lack of a tail (though most have a small stub, it’s best known for being tailless). This t-shirt makes a purr-fect gift for Manx lovers or breeders, and comes in many styles, colors and sizes.

M is For Manx T-shirt from Zazzle.com_1249890170547